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What are the membership requirements?
A Silhouette member is a wife or widow of a financial Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. member.


What if there is not an organized Silhouette chapter where my husband belongs, can I join another chapter?

No. You must be active with the Silhouette chapter affiliated with your husband’s chapter.

If there is not an organized chapter available, you may join as a “member-at-large” by paying your Province and National dues.

Chapter Activation

Chapter Activation requires:
•Minimum of 5 Silhouettes

Commonly Asked Questions


How often do the Silhouettes meet as a group?
National Silhouettes meet every Conclave year. At the Province level, we meet annually. Each individual chapter determines how often they meet – it could be quarterly, monthly or as often as they deem necessary.


What are some of the activities and initiatives that Silhouette Chapters participate in?
Initiatives and activities depend upon the individual chapter.


What is the financial year?
Sept 1 through Aug 31


As a Sweetheart, can I join the Silhouettes?
No. You must be legally married to a financial Kappa.


​Who can I contact for more information?
•National Financial Secretary – Shirley Pinckney
•Treasurer – Diane Jenkins

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